Materials for energy and electronic

High temperature and pressure electrochemical processes

éMa offers electrochemical measurements (potential, galvanometric, potentiometric, cyclic voltammetric, spectroscopic impedance) conducted at room temperature up to a temperature of 800°C and 100 bars pressure reading in the service of :

The understanding and simulation of physicochemical processes that characterize :

- Reactions occurring in wet or on interfaces

- Formation and extent of thickness of dielectric layers in-situ or ex-situ (formation of metallic or silica oxides and polymers)

- Diffusion processes in porous deposits

- Corrosion processes at high temperatures and under high pressure, thanks to the utilization of electrochemical cells under these conditions with standard electrodes 

The monitoring of coagulation processes (deposit formations) and dispersion caused by high speed and pressurized electro kinetic currents.